Friday, November 02, 2007

GPP Street Team - Crusade No. 14

The challenge over at Michelle Ward's GPP Street Team is 'Who's Your Muse'. I'm not sure if I have an imaginery muse, but I have loads and loads of artists that inspire me, so therefore get my muse juices flowing :-)

Firstly I'll start with Michelle.Her artwork blows me away!. Check out her work on her GPP Street Team Blog (love Pierrot's) and over at her own personal blog. Her art work just blows me away.

When I first picked up a stamp and started getting really interested in art, there were several people who I admired so much and who's artwork totally blew me away. So I think the easiest thing is to list them.

Firstly Belinda Scheider. Every time I saw her artwork (in mags/yahoo group links, on the artchix website), before I even looked at the name of the person who had produced the work, I always thought WOW and would want to get closer to the computer screen so that I could get a 'better' look. I am proud and pleased to say, that we are now friends and I am still awe struck by her work. NOt only is she a talented artist, but she is HUGELY generous and very complimentary of others work.

The next person is Janine Anderson. I firsts saw Janine's work in an Aussie Magazine that she was a regular contributor too. I loved her use of colour and style (still do) and again I am proud to say that I have since contributed twice to her own magazine and consider her a friend.

Then there is France. What a fantastic name huh!! That was the first thing that struck me, then it was her generosity and her kindness in helping me 'learn' and get a handle on this craft. Her artwork, especially most recently her jewellery, blew me away.

Next on my list of friends of my muse - would have to be Debbi Baker. The first time Debbi sent me an email to compliment me on my art work, I was like "oh my god, Debbi Baker sent me an email!!!!" This fantastic lady, can turn her hand to so many mediums, she inspires me on a daily basis.

Ok so last but definitely not least, I have a list of the ladies oh and two males that have most recently inspired me:-

Kelsey O Awesome lady, fantastically generous, seriously talented and just a great great great friend.

Dawn T A cracker of a gal and a uber talented woman. Love the prawn!

Julie H Now here is a lady that can turn her hand to EVERYTHING and it always and I mean always looks fabulous. I've not seen a piece of Julie's work yet, that I've thought Hmmmm. I always am blown away by her work and most recently her jewellery (that I've bought lots of!).

Karyn Gartel I'm not even sure how I stumbled across Karyn's work, but the instant I went to her blog, I became addicted. Her use of colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could use colour like she does. I've just recently purchased this painting from her -

which just appeals to me on so many levels. I can't wait until it arrives :-)

Misty Mawn
Who doesn't love Misty's work. I love experimenting with the backgrounds that she uses (and freely teaches), definitely an inspiration.

Sulea Lee
UBER talented!! This woman has more talent in her little finger, than I have in both my hands. Her work is so awesome.

Judy Her work has such depth and so much meaning. She puts so much love into everything she does.

Dot C This lady is such a beautiful soul and so talented to boot. We met way back when (I can't even remember) on line and I have had the pleasure of meeting her in the 'flesh' and we have struck up a great friendship.

And lastly the two uber talented males, who I love to visit their blogs/websites often - Michael De Meng and Tim Holtz gotta love that grungebord!

I'm sure there's a heap of people I've left out and my apologies to those that I have. All I can say is that the above people, inspire my muse on a daily basis. I love their work, I love their kindness and willingness to share, so they are not only talented, but fantastic people also!


  1. Natalie - you are the first to chime in on the Muse Crusade! Love your interpretation and your generous compliments to artists I also call friends and to some new faces. Isn't cool that we can share in the artful lives of these women and men - especially now that so many have blogs and websites. We can get a closer look at their art and their process and their lives - way better than waiting for a magazine to arrive every other month. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the team.

  2. Heck ya, you have some great artists to assist you in raising your art flag!!! I'm enjoying clicking on the links you've shared but had to say YOU are very talented & have a wonderful blog! Fun to browse through & lots of eye candy to boot. This will be a fun month to scour through all of the blogs to see what moves us to be/become the artists that we are. Please stop by my blog to read about the voices that erupt from my threadbox. lol Art on, Monica :)

  3. holy moly!!! i totally innocently surfed over to see what you've been up to and while my files are rippin' to mp3 and then this! you are so generous and kind, can you see me blush? anyway, i can only recipocate your compliments. need to think about this challenge. :) and thanks to you i've also met such talents like kelsey, dot and sulea!! down-under rocks and will always!

  4. Thankyou for the compliment Nat...and right back atcha!!! I'm humbled to be in such illustrious company and agree with your sentiments totally about the talent pool amongst those people.

    Can't wait to get the gods/goddesses page, it looks usual! lol

  5. Oh my goodness Nat!! I feel so privileged to be listed in such an amazing list of artists!
    Thankyou so much for your kind words. I am so glad we met too!
    I agree with you about the artists you have mentioned. Belinda's art blows me away, as does Julie's, as does Sulea's, as does Dawnie's..

    So much inspiration out there. And I feel inspired by you too. I have so many of your lovely ATC's that I will treasure for ever. You helped introduce me to the worldof mixed media and I will always be very grateful for that!

    Dot xx

  6. Natalie,

    Thanks for sharing...I am going to have to put in some serious computer time to check all these links out! Can't wait to see what everyone is up to! Smiles!

  7. thanks for all the links of your wonderful muses... I will have to check them out when I have quality time to really go looking... I have some people, many one here, who inspire me by their work, and that's been great, meeting people from all over the world with terrific talent and we can all spur eachother on to bigger and better things!

  8. Natalie, you sure do have a lot of muses, so you probably have a lot of inspiration, too! Wonderful choices! Kat :)

  9. You are a generous spirit...what a lovely tribute to your muses and our blog art world.

    jodi barone

  10. Ohhh Nat, you are too kind!

    Like Belinda, I just popped in and was blown away by your comments.

    Just love your work too... and isn't it fabulous that the net has allowed us to call so many of these amazing artists friends!

    Great to see so many of our talented Aussies online too... you go girls!


  11. Holy crap Natalie! I'd never seen that post before. Not surprising as that was right during the time mum was visiting. Geez, thanks so much!!! You absolutely made my day, even if months later!!! (there's so much to catch up with!!). Your talent just amazes me, in such a short time, and you found your niche, what you like. I still remember a little cute card of an ant on a hill with a flower (that's how I remember it anyway)... you certainly changed your directions, and it's heading ... UP!!!!!