Sunday, November 04, 2007

First Xmas Card Made for 07!!

And only ?? to go!! Haven't quite worked out the exact number I need yet :-).

This year I'm going for a vintage feel, whereas last year, I went for bright and breezy. Whenever I make bulk Xmas Cards, I have to say, I'm entirely lazy and like to keep the design simple. I've even used faux stitching on my cards, so as to save on thread and mess!! you know the messy tails of thread you get, well it looked just too yuck cause there's just so much stitching on such a small card, so i decided to go with the faux stitching.

Ok hope everyone had a creative/happy weekend.


  1. Hi Nat, I am impressed - I havenot given a thought to Christmas cards yet!

    This is lovely. What do you mean by faux stitching? It looks real to me. Is it a stamp?

  2. wow, you're early! this is beautiful indeed! and you're too funny about the messy thread ends... that's just what i like... a bit messy. it certainly does not look like faux stitching, i really thought you had pulled out your sewing machine :)

  3. Hi Nat - great card and yes I recognise those stamps!! Did you know that the new Oxford Impressions plate for Christmas is just around the corner availability wise? The Stamping Bug has a special happening on it at the moment I think. You'll love it I think!)