Wednesday, August 29, 2007

WS - Blue

As I haven't had a chance to participate in WS lately, thought I'd add my fish canvas to the latest challenge, as it def fits the bill. The only stamping is done on the background with the end of a pen nib and a glue stick end, so hopefully that qualifies :-) Thanks for looking.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fish No.2

I've been down here in Perth for 2 weeks now and yesterday I was starting to get really itchy and need of getting my hands dirty with paint. So popped down to the local art supply shop, grabbed myself a couple of canvas's, some paint and paint brushes and decided I was going to continue on with my fish theme and do a kind of series, so that I can put them up in my house (or maybe give them away) not sure yet.

Seeing as I dont have any of my normal supplies down here, it was good, as it made me go out of my comfort zone and use stuff that was around me. I missed not being able to use my crayons (they are at home) so this time I used just paints. I also missed my little helper (DD No.1) who did the fin and the tail on my first painting, which can be seen here -

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend.

Nice Matters

Isn't this the sweetest pic above :-)... I've been nominated for this award by the talented and lovely Debbi Baker. Who so beautifully put it -
"this is actually something I really believe is important in the world of the net and blogging as it is so easy to give a wrong impression or to be misinterpreted. Good manners rule!" I couldn't have put it better Debbi!!

So it is now my turn to nominate other bloggers and gee it is hard as there are so many wonderful and sweet gals & guys out there, so here goes -

Sulea - what an amazing artist this girl is. Not only is she EXTREMELY talented and sweet, she writes beautiful poetry and shares so much of herself so freely. Love her blog!!

Kelsey - so what can I say about this wonderful gal that hasn't been said before a gazillion times!! Love ya Kelsey!!

Dawn - check out her blog for a very cute and 'sweet' pic of her when she was a wee little prawn (her nick name is Prawn or prawn face :0). this gal is ubber talented and just the noicest person around.

Carmel - Love this girls free hand painting she does.... so ubber talented, she makes a painting look like a photograph it's that detailed.... Miss you heaps Carmel, my funny funny Irish Friend...

Julie H - what can I say about Julie. She can do collage, jewellery, painting, stamping. EVERYTHING so well and I just love love love everything she makes.

Jaimie - not only a wonderfully talented scrapbooker, but Jaimie was my 'life' saver when I first moved to Tom Price. Inviting me to here there and everywhere and introducing me to the wonderful world of Scrapbooking. She is a cracker of a gal.

And the list goes on.....France C, Dottee, Eve W, Nina Bagley, Misty Mawn, Judy (Red Velvet) and etc etc etc, so many to name. Thank you gals for brightening my week, each and every day with your wonderful posts on your blogs.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Still Away

Hi All

We've extended our visit to Perth, so that we can spend more 'quality' time with the family after my Nan's passing. After much discussion, my DH and I decided to fly the children down, so that they can spend a week with their cousins and family also. We were planning a visit during the school holidays in October anyway, so we've just bought that forward to now.... so we will also be taking them to some fun places like the Zoo (if it stops raining) and Scitech and a few other bits and bobs. It's also my mum and my nephew's birthday this week, so it's going to be a busy and fun week, which is just what we all need after the sorrow of the past week and a bit.

I haven't done any art lately, but just prior to me leaving Perth, I was asked to join the Aussie Dares blog as a contributor to the fortnightly dares there. Pop on over and have a look at the latest 'Dare' which is Fantasy..... there's quite a variety of work there and my effort was a canvas piece which you can see below -

Unfortunately I wont be able to make the next dare, but hopefully the one after, so I'll post my work up here after it's been posted on the blog.

Take care one and all
Hugs Nat

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thanks for the lovely comments my friends

The world is definitely a brighter and better place, with so many loving and caring people in it. Thank you to everyone who sent messages of comfort to me and my family during our time of loss. My Nana suffered a stroke on Thursday, the day after having her first lot of chemo. She was unconscious when I arrived on my flight from Tom Price to Perth and my family was originally told that she would not last 2 hrs. But my nana being the strong woman she is, hung on until well after I got to the hospital and managed to say goodbye. She was surrounded by her closest family and the ones who loved her so much.

Such a strong woman though, who will be missed so greatly. A rock, a giving, loving woman, who welcomed all into her home without judgement and would take the shirt off her back and give it to you if she thought you needed it, even if it was her last shirt.

Take care one and all, and dont forget to hug those that you love, often!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Every now and then...........

My kids totally blow me away :-) Ok so they are like any typical kids and have their 'moments' when they are grotty. But today they blew me away with a special request. They asked me if they could make a gift for my grandmother, who is in hospital at the moment. We recently found out that she has 3 different types of cancer and as of today started chemo. She's 84 yrs old and as thin as a stick (40kgs to be exact), so not sure how she is going to handle that sort of battering to her body. I fly out on Thurs to be with my family during this time, so I will give her this gift then.

So here's what they came up with. My DD (7yrs) did the background and the collage, using some of my clipart and some of the Basic Grey die cuts to make the flowers. My DS (4yrs) did the frame with a little instruction from me.

Ok so yeah I AM bias.....

Stay safe one and all and I'm not sure when I'll be back to blogland.....

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Share the love.....

hehe ok so that's a funny kind of title.... but it was so fab to read Belinda's blog this morning and to see that I've been nominated for this -

So here's where you can find the rules, but in a nutshell I have to nominate 5 people that I believe inspire others through their words and actions, with a positive attitude, and an uplifting spirit.

So I nominate -

Sulea , who blows me away with her art, her poetry and her loving/kind soul.

Julie H, there is no limit to this lady's talent and she has no hesitation in sharing how she does her art with others. Her love for animals, is also evident in her blog posts

Dawn t, who is just the loveliest, most sweetest, most talented woman and again is so sharing with her art

Kelsey This woman rocks!! and she is a totally awesome artist

Dot who I first met on line yonks ago and she makes the most uplifting art.

There are so many more bloggers I'd like to nominate, but I'm sure through this tagging system, those bloggers will eventually be tagged anyway.

Have a wonderful day :-)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Make some Noise!!!

Yay to Michelle Ward for coming up with another wonderful crusade.... although this would have to be the easiest one yet... The challenge is to add some music to our blog to share with one and all.... well I've decided to go with a flash back to the past... yes I'm an 80's music lovin kind of gal... call me old fashioned I dont know, but most of my fav music goes back to then.

IMO there were heaps to chose from, but I've decided to go with some music from Duran Duran, which was another of my fav groups from that time.....

So here's one of my favs..... dontcha just love the acting in this video

And I had to add this one, just purely for the black budgie smugglers that Simon is wearing

Again you gotta love that acting :-)

There are heaps more I could share, but I'll save that for another post or 2... Have a wonderful weekend

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Second LO of my own design

Ok so here is my second LO ever of my own design. Still waiting for our new camera to arrive, courtesy of ebay. My son made the funniest comment the other day about ebay..... "dont you just love ebay mummy!!". I thought this was hilarious seeing as he's only 4. But he's discovered the joys of it, because Daddy and mummy are always getting packages in the mail because we've bought something on ebay!! Where we live (remote mining town in West Aust) there is not many facilities to buy 'stuff' here, so we get just about everything on line. Apparently our local post office is one of the busiest in the state, purely because there are so many parcels that arrive for people (town population roughly 5000) every day.
Hope everyone is having a great week :-)