Sunday, August 05, 2007

Share the love.....

hehe ok so that's a funny kind of title.... but it was so fab to read Belinda's blog this morning and to see that I've been nominated for this -

So here's where you can find the rules, but in a nutshell I have to nominate 5 people that I believe inspire others through their words and actions, with a positive attitude, and an uplifting spirit.

So I nominate -

Sulea , who blows me away with her art, her poetry and her loving/kind soul.

Julie H, there is no limit to this lady's talent and she has no hesitation in sharing how she does her art with others. Her love for animals, is also evident in her blog posts

Dawn t, who is just the loveliest, most sweetest, most talented woman and again is so sharing with her art

Kelsey This woman rocks!! and she is a totally awesome artist

Dot who I first met on line yonks ago and she makes the most uplifting art.

There are so many more bloggers I'd like to nominate, but I'm sure through this tagging system, those bloggers will eventually be tagged anyway.

Have a wonderful day :-)


  1. Oh Nat, thank you so much,and right back at you. One day we are going to sit face to face and create together. I will put my thinking hat on and get onto this soon - there are so many wonderful people who brighten my day through blog world.

  2. Thanks so much Nat! I find your blog very inspirational too. And love the other 4 blog you mentioned.