Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A PIF Gift for Me :-)

check this gorgeousness out below, from the very talented Jo Wholohan who recently took part in Pay It Forward (see this article here - for more info). HOW LUCKY AM I!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday Stamper - Keys

This weeks theme over at Wednesday Stamper is keys. Another theme I love to play with, so here is my skinny book page entry for this week.

The key on the house is actually a clay mould, which if anyone is interested, they can find it located at Krafty Lady. If you have the time, have a look around that site anyway, there's heaps of yummy things there :-)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mixed Media Monday & my first attempt at drawing on canvas

This week over at MMM the theme is Time.

Here is my entry for this week, which is an ATC -

Also on another note, I did my first ever canvas where I actually drew everything on it myself.... I have a confession, for those that might not know me well, I cannot draw to save my life!!! That is why I took up stamping originally and then moved on to using collage, so that I could still make art, only I would not have to actually draw anything. So maybe this is another form of TIME for me, as it's about TIME I actually did move out of my comfort zone and attempt to draw..... ok so I havne't had any form of training and I'm not very good at achieving depth or movement or anything like that, but I am pretty proud of my first attempt :-)

Ok, so enough rambling here it is -

I've tried to make the background look like it's almost on fire and these two beautiful trees are managing to survive the heat.... hehe you can tell i'm not an artist, as I can't come up with a vivid story to go with my painting....

thanks for reading this far :-)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Having fun in the mud!

Last night we had a wild storm up this way, with plenty of thunder, lightening and rain. It was still very warm outside, so the kids decided that as they could no longer swim in the pool because if the ligtening, that they would instead play in the mud. Hubby and I sat outside and had a few drinkies, while watching our two frolic in the brown mud. They had a ball and haven't done this sort of thing since being on the farm. It was messy, but fantastic to watch them having such a fun time, with so little. While I'm typing this, the thunder has once again started, so the children have yelled - MUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDdddd........ hmmmm, me thinks I wont have any luck talking them out of doing it again.

This happy snap is of my No.1 Son. I haven't included the one of my daughter, as she has no clothes on....

Have to go and turn computer off now, dont want it to get fried with the lightening that I'm sure will come soon.

Wednesday Stamper - Gothic Arch

This weeks theme at WS is Gothic Arch. I have used one of the new Collections Owls (see Julie Van Oosten's blog for some more great ideas on what to make with these owls) and was a little impatient and haven't waited for all teh dimensional magic to dry before I took the photo :-) ME IMPATIENT!! NEVER....

The stamping is on the star at the top...

Thanks for looking