Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mixed Media Monday & my first attempt at drawing on canvas

This week over at MMM the theme is Time.

Here is my entry for this week, which is an ATC -

Also on another note, I did my first ever canvas where I actually drew everything on it myself.... I have a confession, for those that might not know me well, I cannot draw to save my life!!! That is why I took up stamping originally and then moved on to using collage, so that I could still make art, only I would not have to actually draw anything. So maybe this is another form of TIME for me, as it's about TIME I actually did move out of my comfort zone and attempt to draw..... ok so I havne't had any form of training and I'm not very good at achieving depth or movement or anything like that, but I am pretty proud of my first attempt :-)

Ok, so enough rambling here it is -

I've tried to make the background look like it's almost on fire and these two beautiful trees are managing to survive the heat.... hehe you can tell i'm not an artist, as I can't come up with a vivid story to go with my painting....

thanks for reading this far :-)


  1. Wow they are so great. Stunning.

  2. it's a beautiful canvas, the trees are 'survivors' and I love the way you did the leaves - well done missy Nat! hugs, Carmel xxxxx
    ps heading to Marg River tomorrow!

  3. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Nat, your MMM piece is divine, but so is your hand drawn piece! You are braver than I am - I wish I could draw. Diane

  4. Nat two great pieces the MMM is fabulous.
    Your first time drawing? Well my advice to you is "Don't give it up" this has turned out fabulous. The colors and the tree so depict what you wanted it to - when I first looked at it I thought forest fire and surviving tree and that was before I read your interpretation xxx MAGNIFICENT!!!

  5. Anonymous1:41 AM

    both pieces are great, but your trees are wonderful

  6. must not be so hard on yourself..your first drawing on canvas is magnificent and I do not say that with one hee-hee! Love also the stamped on canvas piece. I have not worked on canvas in years and have two just waiting to be muddled by inspire not stop experimenting!
    jodi barone

  7. Anonymous2:39 AM

    the pieces are both beauiful!

  8. Ananas1:41 PM

    Both are wonderful!

  9. Great work, both of them. Love your colours.

  10. Love the painting! I just bought myself a small tripod (helps with the shakes when taking a picture) if it's worth anything I will let you know as I was looking forward to saving your large image to my computer, maybe to use as a wallpaper once in a while, it's beautiful Natalie! You can stop saying you cannot draw to save your life now!!! :)

  11. This is an amazing piece Nat! Love the vivid colours. You should be so proud. You do have talent as an artist - don't doubt yourself as you have proved with this piece that you can 'draw'!


  12. I also starting stamping and collaging as I can't draw very well. I am determined to do a drawing class this year.
    Both pieces are great.
    Michelle Brown
    Melbourne Australia

  13. Naughty Nat! Smack on the bum for doubting yourself, LOVE the trees, very beautiful colours and simply stylish drawing...just gorgeous!

  14. vivian6:54 AM

    love the drawing nat! looks just fabulous.

  15. Well lil lady , for your first drawn canvas this is certainly a winner. Love it to say the least !

    Keep this up Natty as you really have shone .

    Hugs Dawnie xxx

  16. Nat your art canvas is wonderful!!! You have real talent...keep it up. Look forward to seeing some more of your art soon.