Saturday, November 29, 2014

danse des colibris

I really do love the way that this
painting turned out. 

To me, it really does feel like 
the hummingbirds are dancing. 

Such beautiful colourful birds in real life,
 that I had to capture them in mid flight.

So here is the painting from start to finish...

first layer of paint

a few splodges of paint

the tree added
(apologies for the quality of the photo)

again photo taken at night,
but a few blossoms added

and finally finished!
Dance of the Hummingbirds
"danse des colibris"
24 x 36 inches

and as always
thank you for taking
the time to pop by.

Friday, November 21, 2014

On deciding to take the plunge.........

I've been asked various questions over the years about my backgrounds and my trees.

Questions like how do you do this, or that or the other. 

So I am considering doing up an online class, where you can learn how to make one of my paintings from start to finish. 

My paintings have A LOT of layers and need lots and lots of time to dry. So an online class is perfect, as students will be able to take their time (start/stop the video's - rewatch them etc etc) and learn at their own pace in the privacy of their own home, so no need to worry about what others are doing or how quickly they are doing it!

But before I go ahead, I need to ask a few questions about this potential class. So here are my questions and I am after as much feedback as possible.

If you were to take my class -

a) which of the tree's below would you like to learn to paint.. please be specific by saying 1, 2, 3 etc. I'm going to record this info and then go with majority vote

b) how much would you be happy to pay for this content.

Please note also, that the end product may not look exactly like mine at the end and that is a GOOD thing. None of my paintings ever look the same and I will give the student opportunity to create a painting with their OWN VOICE. 

What I can give you are - the tools and tricks that I have learnt over the years, to give your painting loads and loads of depth and texture. 

I will provide a material list of what I use. However, cheaper alternatives can always be sought. Ie the paint brand I use is quite expensive, but there are plenty of cheaper alternatives out there. You can also buy canvas from a thrift store (the white background will be covered up, so it doesn't matter if it has dirty marks on it). 

Please feel free to share with your friends, as I truly would love as much feedback as possible. I'm thinking of creating this course over the Xmas/New Year period as I have a little bit of time off from work. Please note that I work full time at another job, so the support that I would provide would have to be after work hours.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sweet Sisters - From Start to Finish

A commission piece for a beautiful family,
 with two sweet sweet sisters,
 so how could I not name it after them :-) 
Sketching and filling in a little

The second Sweet Sister added

working on the dresses

At this point I wasn't completely
happy with the way the shape of the dresses
were going, so I worked on them a little more.

and here they are
24 x 36 inches
Sweet Sisters
at this point I just want to mention
that I hand wrote a poem into
the background.
Here is what it says
What is a Sister?...

A sister is someone who
has been where you've been
and knows you better than anyone else.

She is more than just family,
she is also your best friend.

The closeness that you have
shared through life's joys
and tears, is like having a comfortable
hand to hold.
You will always be kindred spirits
and will always be there for one
That is the best kind of sister.
As always
thank you for popping by

Friday, November 07, 2014

My blog posts have been a bit sporadic lately

Well we have moved and we are settled, but I must admit that my blog posts have been somewhat all over the place lately. My art has also been a bit the same... and I can't lie... The reason is simple - the BEACH.

 Photo and motivational quote by me :-)

When we moved down south, I made a pact to myself to not take the view and the beach for granted. After all, it's too easy to move somewhere and just never ever appreciate what you have... I will 100% stick my hand up and say I've done that myself. I lived in the Pilbara for 7+ years and I know first hand, how it inspires and moves so many people.... yet for me, I struggled to be inspired. I tried and I tried, but I am an ocean/beach girl through and through. After all I'm a Pisces and the water runs through my veins. But I have seen SO many beautiful photo's and paintings done by some truly wonderful Pilbara artists, yet for me, personally I struggled to be inspired. 

So before we moved down south, I made a little pact with myself - TO MAKE SURE THAT I GO TO THE BEACH EVERY DAY ------- rain, hail or shine...  

Ok, Ok, 
I have to be honest... I haven't been every day. 
Sometimes we've been away, sometimes it's been too late in the arvo, too cold, or just too wet, but I would say that I have been 95% of the time. And do you know what, I feel like I am a NEW person....  and my dog, well she is 7 years old - AND I have been stopped by so many people asking if she is a puppy... a PUPPY... are you serious... she was nearly crippled before we left the Pilbara and I thought we may have to put her down at one stage... but she absolutely loves the ocean/beach just like her family....        maybe it's a Pets and Owners thing......    you know what I mean right? we've all seen those photo's of the dogs who look like their owners

beach sand in my moustache... the best kind of moustache right?

So for the first time in my life, I've actually been inspired to pick up a camera (or rather my iphone) and take photo's. Pretty pleased with how some of those photo's turned out - considering I'm the first person to say I take the most rubbish photo's in the history of man kind!

Mine and my mate Rosie's footprints running one morning

Photo by yours truly ... Quote - well I think we have all used this quote at some stage

in our lives ... and it's a good one to remember..

and a treasure I found one day walking. 

Anyway, I'm working on a better way to BALANCE it all... and I hope to post more regularly... 

As always, I can't thank you enough for popping by.