Friday, November 21, 2014

On deciding to take the plunge.........

I've been asked various questions over the years about my backgrounds and my trees.

Questions like how do you do this, or that or the other. 

So I am considering doing up an online class, where you can learn how to make one of my paintings from start to finish. 

My paintings have A LOT of layers and need lots and lots of time to dry. So an online class is perfect, as students will be able to take their time (start/stop the video's - rewatch them etc etc) and learn at their own pace in the privacy of their own home, so no need to worry about what others are doing or how quickly they are doing it!

But before I go ahead, I need to ask a few questions about this potential class. So here are my questions and I am after as much feedback as possible.

If you were to take my class -

a) which of the tree's below would you like to learn to paint.. please be specific by saying 1, 2, 3 etc. I'm going to record this info and then go with majority vote

b) how much would you be happy to pay for this content.

Please note also, that the end product may not look exactly like mine at the end and that is a GOOD thing. None of my paintings ever look the same and I will give the student opportunity to create a painting with their OWN VOICE. 

What I can give you are - the tools and tricks that I have learnt over the years, to give your painting loads and loads of depth and texture. 

I will provide a material list of what I use. However, cheaper alternatives can always be sought. Ie the paint brand I use is quite expensive, but there are plenty of cheaper alternatives out there. You can also buy canvas from a thrift store (the white background will be covered up, so it doesn't matter if it has dirty marks on it). 

Please feel free to share with your friends, as I truly would love as much feedback as possible. I'm thinking of creating this course over the Xmas/New Year period as I have a little bit of time off from work. Please note that I work full time at another job, so the support that I would provide would have to be after work hours.

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