Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sweet Sisters - From Start to Finish

A commission piece for a beautiful family,
 with two sweet sweet sisters,
 so how could I not name it after them :-) 
Sketching and filling in a little

The second Sweet Sister added

working on the dresses

At this point I wasn't completely
happy with the way the shape of the dresses
were going, so I worked on them a little more.

and here they are
24 x 36 inches
Sweet Sisters
at this point I just want to mention
that I hand wrote a poem into
the background.
Here is what it says
What is a Sister?...

A sister is someone who
has been where you've been
and knows you better than anyone else.

She is more than just family,
she is also your best friend.

The closeness that you have
shared through life's joys
and tears, is like having a comfortable
hand to hold.
You will always be kindred spirits
and will always be there for one
That is the best kind of sister.
As always
thank you for popping by

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