Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cristina - A little bit from start to finish

We are still in transit housing and have not moved into our new home as yet, however I am managing (thankfully) to still get a bit of painting time in. It's good to test myself and to only use the small amount
of materials I've bought along with me (the rest are packed away in storage), hence why in my last two paintings, the background has looked very similar. But I still like to make sure they are not TOO similar and try and add my little bits and pieces to them to make them more individual.

A little progressive photo above

a little more detail above

and she's finished!
16 inches x 36 inches

From another angle

Close Up of her face and some of the
lovely texture

And just had to use this beautiful
quote by Brene Brown  on
the background

and lastly, I used this cool program to collage all of my paintings together that I have done for this
year from Jan - June. It's actually great, because then I can see I am not doing the same thing over
and over and over again. No artist wants to get stale LOL.

As always thank you for stopping by

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Art gives Energy to our Dreams

Ok so for a very long while if anyone ever said to me "why don't you just do art full time as a living" I have poo poo'd it and run myself down by saying "I often think it's only my friends and family buying my art, because they feel sorry for me". In fact I used this very sentence yesterday when out to lunch with two lovely ladies.

I am not sure what is holding me back. Is it because I don't think I'm good enough? Is it because I don't have a degree in Fine Arts (thinking that that must qualify me to make art full time)? Is it because I'm afraid to fail? Or is it because I don't want to sound like I have a massive ego?

I'd check all of those boxes above and more...

So I've decided I need to change my way of thinking. I need to change my wording to something more positive like - "I have a dream and one day I will fulfill that dream. However it is going to take lots of energy and lots of work and each day is a step towards becoming a full time artist". See it already makes me feel better just typing those words.

I have also made a commitment to myself, to do something every day, towards reaching that goal. Even if it's something small, it is still something significant to me.

So enough of the personal info, and on to some recent artwork.

Titled - Frida and Friends
She is 20 x 24 inches
and so thankful for her
gorgeous friends

close up of  her friends

and of course I couldn't resist a little 

As always thanks for taking
the time to read my blog

ps please check out this awesome Netherlands artist  Patricia Derks who's portraiture work I have just discovered. O M G her use of colour in her paintings is something I aspire towards.

Saturday, July 05, 2014


After a 20 hour drive (towing a very heavy trailer), our move from the North West of WA to the South West of WA,  has finally happened and we are slowly getting settled into life down south.

Since the move,  I have only managed to sneak in a little painting time and I have to admit, that with all of the temptations down this way (good food/beach life/wineries and restaurants all within an easy drive) it has been difficult to focus on picking up a paint brush. However with my ever expanding waist line as the biggest motivator, it was time to get back on track.

Teliah - 12 x 24 inches

Close Up

Close Up of the Dress

and finally I couldn't resist using
one of Frida's quotes

There will be another move at the end of this month, when we finally get to move into our new home.