Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cristina - A little bit from start to finish

We are still in transit housing and have not moved into our new home as yet, however I am managing (thankfully) to still get a bit of painting time in. It's good to test myself and to only use the small amount
of materials I've bought along with me (the rest are packed away in storage), hence why in my last two paintings, the background has looked very similar. But I still like to make sure they are not TOO similar and try and add my little bits and pieces to them to make them more individual.

A little progressive photo above

a little more detail above

and she's finished!
16 inches x 36 inches

From another angle

Close Up of her face and some of the
lovely texture

And just had to use this beautiful
quote by Brene Brown  on
the background

and lastly, I used this cool program to collage all of my paintings together that I have done for this
year from Jan - June. It's actually great, because then I can see I am not doing the same thing over
and over and over again. No artist wants to get stale LOL.

As always thank you for stopping by

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