Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nice Matters

Isn't this the sweetest pic above :-)... I've been nominated for this award by the talented and lovely Debbi Baker. Who so beautifully put it -
"this is actually something I really believe is important in the world of the net and blogging as it is so easy to give a wrong impression or to be misinterpreted. Good manners rule!" I couldn't have put it better Debbi!!

So it is now my turn to nominate other bloggers and gee it is hard as there are so many wonderful and sweet gals & guys out there, so here goes -

Sulea - what an amazing artist this girl is. Not only is she EXTREMELY talented and sweet, she writes beautiful poetry and shares so much of herself so freely. Love her blog!!

Kelsey - so what can I say about this wonderful gal that hasn't been said before a gazillion times!! Love ya Kelsey!!

Dawn - check out her blog for a very cute and 'sweet' pic of her when she was a wee little prawn (her nick name is Prawn or prawn face :0). this gal is ubber talented and just the noicest person around.

Carmel - Love this girls free hand painting she does.... so ubber talented, she makes a painting look like a photograph it's that detailed.... Miss you heaps Carmel, my funny funny Irish Friend...

Julie H - what can I say about Julie. She can do collage, jewellery, painting, stamping. EVERYTHING so well and I just love love love everything she makes.

Jaimie - not only a wonderfully talented scrapbooker, but Jaimie was my 'life' saver when I first moved to Tom Price. Inviting me to here there and everywhere and introducing me to the wonderful world of Scrapbooking. She is a cracker of a gal.

And the list goes on.....France C, Dottee, Eve W, Nina Bagley, Misty Mawn, Judy (Red Velvet) and etc etc etc, so many to name. Thank you gals for brightening my week, each and every day with your wonderful posts on your blogs.


  1. Nat my dear friend you are too too kind. You so deserve this award - long before blogging was popular I both appreciated and admired the interest you showed in other artist's work and the encouragement you gave - on/in groups. You have carried this into blogging. One of the many things which draws me to you. Well deserved Nat!

  2. Totally agree with Julie's comments Nat! We all look forward to the day when you are "back in the fold" down here in Perth, we miss you and your smiling face as well as your beautiful art. Thank goodness for the internet!!!! How many times has THAT been said! lol

  3. Congrats on your award - well deserved.

  4. Thankyou Natty,this means alot to me and I appreciate your friendship.
    From one nice gal to another.