Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fish No.2

I've been down here in Perth for 2 weeks now and yesterday I was starting to get really itchy and need of getting my hands dirty with paint. So popped down to the local art supply shop, grabbed myself a couple of canvas's, some paint and paint brushes and decided I was going to continue on with my fish theme and do a kind of series, so that I can put them up in my house (or maybe give them away) not sure yet.

Seeing as I dont have any of my normal supplies down here, it was good, as it made me go out of my comfort zone and use stuff that was around me. I missed not being able to use my crayons (they are at home) so this time I used just paints. I also missed my little helper (DD No.1) who did the fin and the tail on my first painting, which can be seen here -

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend.


  1. You're fish is beautifully bright Nat! Must've been great to get into the arty zone again....think I'd miss it too! As good a job as Emma did before, I think your fin and tail are just fine! lol

  2. Verrrry nice - a little bit tribal? I so wish I had the time to get up to Perth, I coulc bring you a load of supplies and we could splash paint around together.

  3. nice fishy Nat, as Julie said quite tribal - hope we get to catch up next time. Love, Carmel xxx