Friday, August 03, 2007

Make some Noise!!!

Yay to Michelle Ward for coming up with another wonderful crusade.... although this would have to be the easiest one yet... The challenge is to add some music to our blog to share with one and all.... well I've decided to go with a flash back to the past... yes I'm an 80's music lovin kind of gal... call me old fashioned I dont know, but most of my fav music goes back to then.

IMO there were heaps to chose from, but I've decided to go with some music from Duran Duran, which was another of my fav groups from that time.....

So here's one of my favs..... dontcha just love the acting in this video

And I had to add this one, just purely for the black budgie smugglers that Simon is wearing

Again you gotta love that acting :-)

There are heaps more I could share, but I'll save that for another post or 2... Have a wonderful weekend


  1. nat - i recognized both of the videos from the blurry cover shot before i even clicked to start them. oh yes, full blown durannie here. john was my fave. he's the reason i met my to hear these DD tracks again.... makes me want to break out the cds for tomorrow around the pool. hard to just pick a few isn't it? thank god for youtube! thanks for playing!!!

  2. BUDGIE SMUGGLER! HA! I've never heard that term before. These old videos are a reminder of what we used to think was so cool (clothing, hairstyles), we now kind of cringe at! :^)

  3. Like Michelle, I immediately recognized the videos before I clicked play. I firmly believe if D2 didn't come onto the scene, videos would not have progressed into the artform they are now. Simon is still one of the sexiest men out there.

  4. What a blast from the past! Didn't need to click on the videos, another fan here! Ux