Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Every now and then...........

My kids totally blow me away :-) Ok so they are like any typical kids and have their 'moments' when they are grotty. But today they blew me away with a special request. They asked me if they could make a gift for my grandmother, who is in hospital at the moment. We recently found out that she has 3 different types of cancer and as of today started chemo. She's 84 yrs old and as thin as a stick (40kgs to be exact), so not sure how she is going to handle that sort of battering to her body. I fly out on Thurs to be with my family during this time, so I will give her this gift then.

So here's what they came up with. My DD (7yrs) did the background and the collage, using some of my clipart and some of the Basic Grey die cuts to make the flowers. My DS (4yrs) did the frame with a little instruction from me.

Ok so yeah I AM bias.....

Stay safe one and all and I'm not sure when I'll be back to blogland.....


  1. Oh Nat this piece is so beautiful, and bright - I am sure it will make all your family smile, during this terrible time.

    I am thinking of you all and sending prayers heavens way.

  2. Nat - this is so lovely. Your children are blessed with artistic talent like their mum, and have very loving hearts. Will be thinking of you, and your grandmother.

    Dot xx

  3. Hugs & warm thoughts to you and your family Nat, love the piece your underlings made.....we know where the artistic ability comes from...don't we!!! lol

  4. Nat what wonderful kids you have.
    Have a safe trip I will be thinking of you and your dear Grandmother.

  5. What a beautiful piece of art, how very special that your children created this for your grandmother. I will keep her in my prayers!

  6. Natalie, I am so sorry to hear about your nanna. It is a very hard time, so all I can say is spend time with her. Sending positive thoughts to you

  7. Sorry to hear your grandmother is so ill. This will certainly make her smile. It is so amazing considering how young they are. What a great tribute to a great person. Take care and I hope she has the strength to fight.