Tuesday, December 04, 2007

GPP Street Team - Crusade No. 15 - where in the world!

Michelle's new crusade is to make an entry on our blogs about where we live and where we have lived..... ok so here goes -

Born in Fremantle Western Australia
Raised most of my childhood in Kardinya Western Australia.
Teenage years as above.
Early 20's moved to Bendigo, in the Eastern States of Australia (Victoria to be precise).
Moved from there to Melbourne for a short time with work.
Moved back to Western Australia after 18 months away, as my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
Married my DH in mid 20's
Moved to Margaret River in the South West of Western Australia (dairy farmers).
Born 1999, my DD - Emma
Born 2002, my DS - Luc
2005 family finished Dairy Farming.
2006, moved family back to Bibra Lake, Western Australia (city of Perth)
DH started working on the mines in the north west of Western Australia.
2007, moved to Tom Price (NW of West Australia).

Ok so that's where I've been and where I'm at at the moment. I dont have a journal page to share, but I do have a pic of the view from my front door. Tom Price is a mining town for iron ore. So hence why there's loads of red dust.


  1. Natalie - thanks for jumping in so quick with your World Location for the Crusade. Since I'm a dunce when it comes to Australian geography I can't appreciate the distances possibly involved with your moves but it was interesting to read just the same. I'm certain all your blog readers will enjoy reading your history. Thanks for the photo too!

  2. Natalie... thanks for the photo.... it is great that we can share with those overseas this wonderful land of Aus! Off to do upload some photos and do a write up for the Crusade too!xo

  3. My heavens, Natalie! You seem to have had a Hemingway-esque life! The stories you could tell. Did you do any shrimp-boating? How about lasso-ing? I'm not being completely facetious, I think this is fascinating. You've moved a lot and experienced a lot of things. It may be common to you, but it's exotic to me.

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Anonymous12:23 AM

    What beautiful beautiful land. The colours are just so lovely. Our land here is more lime green to your red, but both are wonderful. How lucky we are to be surrounded by colour!

  5. Sigrid http://sixfrites.wordpress.com4:34 AM

    this sounds amazing... and like quite a lot of dynamics in your life. And this view... where's your next-door neighbor???

  6. Natalie! Finally someone who has moved as often as I have! Wow...I tell you if I didn't box things up after a two year period I would start to get antsy! Thank you for sharing your story and for the photo too! I need to go work on my story today...Smiles!

  7. Syanne Bleu10:43 AM

    xWow! What an interesting name for a town. How come it's called "Tom Price?"

    The earth is so red there. Amazing.

  8. Wow, Nat - What a view from your front door! That is fantastic. Thanks for sharing a bit about Australia. I love being able to meet artist buddies from all over the world (but then I guess I am on the other side of the world from you) Funny how that works.

    Hugs, Ariel

  9. What a vast expanse just outside your door! Thanks for the window into your life. Stay happy and well...
    jodi barone

  10. Hi Natalie Im just getting the drift of this crusade thingo and i read your blog. Far out we have been moving and grooving in the same area's alot of our lives. Im in Albany now but spent alot of years in my old stomping ground Fremantle grew up also in Coolbellup..went to John Curtin High school ..Richmond primary..North lake High School. Worked in Alex Kelly shoe store in the Fremantle mall then it changed to Williams the Shoeman any of this familiar to you..Its so diff now but I still love it. Man, Tom Price is like desert country living lol I bet ya will head down to the south end of W.A. in time lol. Anyway i will work out what I can do here and get some pictures happening. Cya Michelle

  11. thanks for that bit of YOU info!! and i certainly looks australia where you live, at least that's my idea you put in my head :)

  12. Wow,great view!
    Monique from the Netherlands

  13. Hi! The scenery in your pic reminds me of Oregon's "outback"...while it is very green (and often wet) where I live in Oregon, we drive a few hours to the east to go dune-buggying and this is the scenery we encounter:


  14. How fantastic to hear about where you have lived, my uncle lives in Fremantle he is a sheep shearer and goes to Tasmania a lot

  15. Wow, you live about as far away from where I am as anyone can! I would love to go to Australia! I absolutely love the view from your front porch....I could sit and watch that every day!

  16. That view looks so peaceful and empty

  17. I haven't actually been to Australia yet, YET... but it is one of the places I wish to see for sure! Happy holidays to you & yours, Monica :)

  18. Great photo - and what a view from your front door! Thanks so much for sharing