Friday, August 15, 2008

Latest Painting

I've just finished my latest painting. Size is 8" x 10" and titled "she took flight from the eyes of the world".

I'm not all that happy with my shading still... I dont know if I ever will beor with my noses either :-)

On a lighter note, i've noticed that when i paint a set of eyebrows onto my girls, they are always crooked. But my own eyebrows are like that, so I guess I put a little bit of a self potrait into each painting.

I think I'm going to move on from faces for a little while and paint something else... but who knows, I'll let the paint and brushes decide for me.


  1. Your painting is evolving Nat and each face is beautiful.I find faces very difficult and this gal is a beauty.

  2. I think your shading is coming along a treat Nat and I like the shape of her face and eyes.

  3. I think your painting is wonderful I cant paint for Nuts ,Cashews yes nuts no LOL

  4. just love the paintings, Check out Modigliani paintings- he believed that the two sides of your face were very different, and he featured this- try his style, you are there already!!!( sorry for the art history teacher coming out in me)

  5. hello Natalie,

    you already draw girls !!! If you're hesitant about shading, don't worry, as we are in Suzi's class, we'll learn all about it !!

    And you already have an own style of girls, so that's great !

    Inge from belgium

  6. The face soothes.

  7. Hi there, wanted to ask yo if you were on Paulette Insall class as well? This painting reminds me of that class, I was there too but I didn`t see you there! :D Nice works!