Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Latest Canvas

A pic taken of my latest canvas (taken at night, so not the best photo) which I've titled "Angel".

I dont think I've ever changed a canvas so much as I have with this one. I changed the background colour 3 times, I changed the dress shade at least 5 times, I put on layers on the dress that I didn't like, then painted over.. but eventually I got to a stage that I'm happy with.

I like the way my faces are 'developing', however I'm not sure if I'll ever be happy with the shading that I do... not sure why, just being overly critical :-) I guess.

The sides of the canvas are painted with black and white stripes to carry on the black and white theme going on in the painting. This is a gift for a friend's daughter, so I hope she likes it.