Tuesday, December 25, 2012

As 2012 comes to an end

As 2012 draws to a close, I have been thinking about the direction I would like my art to take in 2013. I was actually asked this question by an art friend earlier in the year, but it hasn't really been until now, that I have processed that question and thought about it seriously. From what I have been told, art collectors want a strong, identifiable, consistent style from a particular artist. As you can see by browsing through my albums, this does not describe my art.
I get an idea in my head, and madly try and get that down on to canvas. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I also get inspiration from other artists and try and put my own stamp on to a piece. I have been known to paint over a canvas or two, I have also been known to *cough* knife a canvas or two and then smash it to pieces. Not something I have done recently. I think that's called maturing!!
In painting terms, I'm still relatively young.
I've only been painting seriously for a few years. I've been creating I guess, for a big part of my whole life. But as far as painting on a regular basis and offering the work for sale, it's not been THAT long, in the scheme of things.
I try to paint what excites me. I struggle when asked to do a commission, because I put immense pressure on myself, so I apologise to people I have had to say "no i'm sorry I can't do that too". Because whenever I try to paint something particular for somebody, it turns out rubbish.
I suppose I could pick a style and say thats it, that's my style and stick with it.... But I would be giving up possibility. I would be giving up the unknown. I would be sacrificing my growth as an artist. Which I am just not able to do at this point in time.
I really do love painting faces - womens faces in particular. I love stylizing their faces. I like long necks and big cat like cartoony type eyes. I like using ephemera in my collages. Vintage texts and scrapbook paper especially. I love the colors green and blue.
But I really feel at this point that I want to take more of an 'uglier' view on a womans face. Not make her so pretty, not so perfect... so please bare with me, as you see my art (maybe) take a different direction in 2013.
Into the unknown - I LOVE IT.
Wishing you a fantastic 2013 xx
PS  Once again, thank you to everyone that has supported me through 2012. You have no idea how much it means to me, that people 'actually' want to put my art work on their walls at home.

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