Thursday, January 23, 2014

On Being a Better Blogger and time for a re-vamp

This blog has always been about show casing my art. I've never felt comfortable in sharing my private life in this space. However.....

I follow A LOT of blogs and they are all inspiring and the one thing I have noticed about them all, is that they share regularly (at least on a daily basis).. that's what keeps them interesting. It doesn't have to always be about their work (whether they are an artist or a photographer), they share different bits and pieces about stuff that I either find interesting or not (if not, then I dont read it and move on to the next).

So the little ephiphany I had this morning, was that this blog doesn't have to only be about Showcasing my Art either (gosh that makes me sound like I have a huge ego), but like other artists, I can talk about what I find interesting in this world and maybe others might find a little bit interesting too.

So Step 1 on this road to newness - is time for this much neglected blog to have a big ole re-vamp! However I have no idea where to start. So I thought I would put a call out there - to all those techno savvy people that know what they are doing and perhaps we could exchange a commission piece of art, for an overhaul of this blog? what do you think?

Please have a look at my art here -  before you decide if you want to take on this challenge in exchange for a piece of my art.

I am very excited for some big changes in 2014.. It's all about striving for BALANCE....

Please contact me on if you are up for this challenge. :-)

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