Saturday, February 08, 2014

On A Work In Progress - The Wild One

So I thought I would share a little
visual journey of one of my paintings
from start to finish.
Hope you enjoy :-)

Above are the beginnings of getting paper down on to canvas. 
She is a big one at 60 x 40 inches, so the easiest way for
me to work on her, was to lay her down on my kitchen table
(yes that is my pooch underneath the table sleeping)

after applying the paper, I drew out what I wanted her to look like.
And then started applying colour to her face and body.
(note photo taken inside with an iphon)

then some texture (paint) in the background

tweaked her shading and coloured her hair

after adding some flowers to her hair
this is a close up of her finished face.

and this is her lying flat on the lawn outside, 
so I could take a photo from a different angle

and the finished product.
She is titled
The Wild One

As always, thank you for taking the time
to pop by. Please feel free
to leave a comment xx

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