Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Another Quickie!

Feb/March is a busy month for us for bdays, so I've whipped up another for my Brother In Law, who is a manly man, with a bit of a cheeky sense of humour, so hopefully he "gets" this card.

I'm just glad to be getting a little time to create and forget about those awful boxes still sitting there waiting to be unpacked!! The trouble is, I've no room to put anything else. All available cupboard space is taken. Tempted to take all the rest of the boxes straight to the tip and forget about them.

Hoping the WA girls got some welcome relief weather wise today.

Big hugs


  1. LOVE this card Natty.
    Excellent colours and I love the stamps youve used.
    I think they are the best ones, the 'whipped up'ones.

    love this one my lovely.

    D xxx

  2. Love this card Nat! Great stamp. And funky colors too.