Saturday, January 27, 2007

Some Time to Play - YAY!!

I had some time to play last night and have been working on a 4x4 fat book page for the ABC group that I'm involved in. This month's theme is text and I'm a little late, but hopefully will get to finish the 8 other pages before the end of the week. We have to do front and back this time, so I guess when you think about it, it's 16 more pages.... but my back is pretty plain really.

The mould is a Kraft Lady one, that I had acquired late last year and this is my first time using it :-)... I have said it a few times, but I'm endeavouring to use up things in my stash more as part of my NY resolutions. Not sure how long it'll last though...hehe. Especially with all these yummy tempting stamps/moulds/papers/bellies that keep being bought out...


  1. wow so great to see you creating so soon Nat! :oD clever idea to put the eye behind the keyhole!! :o) HAPPY NEW YEAR by the way!!! :o)


  2. Hi Natalie, thankyou for visiting my blog, and it was very nice to meet you too at saj's its always nice to put a face to the name, i love your work it is awesome, and hope you still keep creating while you are away. i am also going to check out wednesday stamper too that looks like fun.


  3. Beautiful work Nat!! You are the queen of textures and backgrounds! This is lovely.

    4 x 4 is a good size to work on isn't it??

  4. Oh Nat, just gorgeous! Can't wait to get this page, this first Text themed chunky is going to be should see the other pages!