Thursday, April 17, 2008

Have been making cards

It feels like it's been ages since I've made a few cards in one session, instead of a mad panic "quick need to produce a card for so and so's birthday" and here's what I've made:-

Mothers Day Card

Mothers Day Card No2

Bday Card for Mother In Law using Collections new frames and of course JVO's birdies :-) Love Collections products.


  1. Clever you being so organised !!!! Love the cards, especially the black and white one with the bird. Soooo cute!

  2. That Collections piece reminds me of a similar one you'd done (ATC I seem to remember) and is just gorgeous like that with the bird!!

  3. Yes mother's day is just around the corner. Nice cards. Elaine Cooke

  4. Love the black and white number Natty.Hmmmm makes me think today would be the day to make my mummy one. Thanks

    Prawnie xxx

  5. Natalie doll, thanks for the comments on my blog! Your cards here are just bbbbbbbbeautiful! And I admired your sweet sister canvas below eariler! :)

    I did use paints on my canvas, they were lumieres and regular acrylic! I SPRAY painted the stencil, and I did buy it....but so many years ago, I do not recall where (sorry)! You could carve one out easy enough! Then it would be exactly what you want! Thanks for visiting!