Thursday, April 24, 2008

School Holiday Fun

We've been lucky this school holiday's that our town shire has provided a lot of entertainment and sports activities for our kids to do (eg soccer clinics/football clinics/scrapbooking morning). Normally there is the town pool and that is it, as far as external activities go, so it's up to the kids to make their own fun. But like I say, this holiday has been great as far as 'outside of the home' things for the kids to do.

However today, both of mine were home and getting a little twitchy towards each other. Of course Dh is on night shift and trying to sleep during the day, so after taking both of my two to the park for a picnic and letting them get rid of some steam, we went to the local hardware store/which also has a small toy store attached to it. *** for those that dont know, we live in a small mining town in the North West of Western Australia, so there is limited amounts of shopping to be had here (thank goodness for the internet), hence why our hardware store also has a toy shop ******..... anyway we found these white frames (see below) where one side you place a picture of the child in and the other using plaster that is provided in the package, the children make a handprint into the plaster and then viola, you have an instant gift for a grandparent. Which is just what these two will become... bday present for FIL who doesn't have many pictures of my two.

Anyway so here are the finished decorated frames....

Above is my DD - Emma's Frame. No pic or hand print included as yet. Good thing mummy has a stash/horde of ephemera *cough cough*....

And here is my DS (or No.2 as we often refer to him) Luc's frame. Needless to say there was alcohol ink and ephemera flying everywhere.

Ok a canvas for me to share.

This one was commissioned by my lovely niece for her new bedroom. Hope you like it Lozzie :-)


  1. Oh, your kiddos rock! Look what they did! Perfect gifts for FIL, and they definitely got your art genes.

  2. Great stuff by the kiddies. I can totally relate to the stash comment and I'm sure I'm going to be very surprised at how much when I move into my new craft room (as will DH!!)

  3. Very original. I like the birds on the wire above. Elaine Cooke