Sunday, April 27, 2014

New Zealand you stole our hearts and took our breath away!

WARNING - there are a lot of photo's below...

I did try to reduce them from 100's to only a few
but it was damn near impossible to not want to 
show every single one of them to you. 

New Zealand you stole our hearts and 
took our breath away!

No.2 Child - teaching them young (selfies)... 
no seriously we just
couldn't resist stopping the car to take another 
photo of some beautiful scenery!

No.1 Child also taking photo's of beautiful scenery.


Glacier tour in Mt Cook

check that scenery out behind us!

The best ice cream you've ever tasted!


More Queenstown photo's(our favourite place)
just before the Shotover Jet Boat Ride.

After the Shotover. We loved it so much that we
did it twice.

We didn't meet the Duke and Duchess, they were a week
or so before us, but we did see some photo's on the wall of fame.

More Queenstown

The Autumn colours just sing to you

my two on the ski lift to go further up Bob's Peak
to reach the top of the Luge Track

View from the top of the Skyline Gondala on Bob's Peak

there are natural water falls every where. 

New Zealand is not called the "land of the long white cloud" for nothing

and lastly off road Quad biking in Franz Josef. LOADS of fun!

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