Sunday, August 17, 2014

I can't draw realistically, but nor do I want too....

If you are a regular follower of my art, you know that my work looks nothing like the 'real' thing. I think my style is more primitive and my girls look almost alien like (with their long necks and really big bug like eyes), perfect example of this below.....


but I'm ok with that. I admire the amount of work and skill and hours and hours of dedication it takes to do a 'realistic' drawing.There are some amazing artists out there - check out some here. I mean wow right!

But over the last few months, I have grown to accept that that's truly not my style and not personally something that I would want to hang on my wall. And that's ok right? I'm truly finding my own voice and not feeling ashamed of that voice. I want my work to feel authentic and when somebody looks at one of my pieces, they know it's mine.

So I have an art exhibition coming up and have started working on another really large piece.

101cm x 152cm or 40" x 60"

Took me 4 hours to glue all of those pieces of music paper on and I loved every minute of it! To me it's very therapeutic and relaxing.

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