Tuesday, September 09, 2014


I love this quote. Found it on Tumblr (via Pintrest)
Sums up how I would love to work, but in reality because of 
life/work/family commitments I'm (reluctantly) a 9-5 girl. But 
I honestly do my best work and have the best ideas
in the middle of the night.

On a different note entirely, but still relating to art, I have put my
name down for an upcoming local Art Exhibition. My first time
exhibiting here, so I have no idea what to expect. I knew I wanted to paint
large, and I knew I wanted to paint another strong girl, this time
with a feather head dress.

So below are a few photos of my work in progress and finished

 40 x 60 inches

first layer of the background down.
This took 4 hours to glue down.. just to 
give you an idea of the size/time.

Initial drawing of Isadora

Some layers added to the background

A few more layers of paint and some more
detail on my gal.

Close up of the texture of the background

A close up of her face

The finished product! 
Ready for the exhibition
phew did it in time!!
As always
thanks for
popping by xx

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