Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 - what a fabulous year!

Since 2013, I wanted to start a yearly tradition for myself. 

One where I collate all of my paintings 
together into a single photo.

The reasons for this are not only to
share them with my friends/family/supporters of my
art (who I would also put into the category of friend)
but also for me personally to see:- 

1)  how I've been travelling 
throughout the year artistically

2) make sure my work isn't all
looking the same

3)  which colours/paintings are working for me and
that I did like and those that I wasn't so keen on.

All of these steps help me to move forward into the
new year having a clearer picture in my head.

here's last years review pic (2013)

As always thanks
for taking the time to 
pop by xx

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