Wednesday, June 27, 2007

7 Random Things

In response to Debbi B's tag from today, I need to list 7 random things about me. I thought I'd add piece of my art, just to brighten up this post. I picked this piece randomly from my hard drive and it was made yonks ago using one of my fav OI plates.
Ok so here goes -
1) I love to get messy with paints (love it on my hands, up my finger nails, everywhere), but I really don't like a messy house/car etc. Although I have to admit I have gotten better since having children.
2) My mum loves to sew and tried to encourage my sister and I when we were younger to take it up. Neither of us did!! However I am now becoming interested in sewing purely for the look and texture it gives on my art!!
3) I wish I didn't need as much sleep as I do, as I would love to have more time to create art. My dream would be to be able to sit all day and night and just create whenever I want!! Ahhhhh we can have dreams...
4) I really am not that fond of moving house, yet I've moved so many times, I have lost count!!
5) I used to love coffee and the smell of bread cooking (we had a bread maker), until I fell pregnant with my son (4 yrs ago) and couldn't stand the smell/taste of either of them, yet could go out into the dairy (we used to milk cows) and the effluent smell was quite refreshing.
6) I really dont like the heat, yet here we are living in a place that gets up to 47 degree days in the after day after day.
7) I love bright colours, but seem to always choose black and blue clothes for myself to wear.
This has been harder than I thought!!!

Ok so my turn to tag - Dawn T, Kelsey, Sulea, Eve, Jaimie, France, Belinda


  1. Wow! I love the stuff you find out from these tags!! Thanks for joining in Nat - and I bet you end up loving sewing.

  2. Loved reading your 7 random things Nat!!! by the way, the arch in the previous post is just to die for. It is GORGEOUS!!! i love the greens and orange/yellows.. looks like you're found your creative muse again!

  3. Gee, thanks Nat!!! lol It was much harder than I thought it was going to be and I think it'll take me a bit to work out who to tag (who hasn't been already!). You DO get around....and I mean that in the nicest possible way...hahaha