Saturday, October 27, 2007

Da Boyz

I love this photo!! This was taken at a bday party in July and it is my boy Luc (in middle) and his besties. Sadly, Josh (far right) is leaving town next weekend, but that is part and parcel of living in such a transient town. Hopefully my kids will adapt to the toing and froing of people coming into and out of their lives. I guess it's good to be resilient.

Josh is such a lovely sweet boy and I am very grateful to have been friends with his mum too. Such a great family.

Ok have a great sunday one and all.


  1. love all your LO!! and da boyz rock!! i bet this is his favorite page. what a fab mom you are!

  2. What a great LO Nat! Love the bright cheery colours and they look soooo "best pals"!!! So are you getting any time for atc's??? hmmmmmmm?????