Thursday, October 18, 2007

Our Rosie

Well 3 months old and still getting into mischief?!!! Note the paint on her head from investigating the paint tin, while John and I were busy painting No.1 Child's bedroom :-)

She's lovely though and the best friend anyone could ask for. Such loyal and loving dogs.


  1. Oh Nat she is beautiful!!! A tri-colour too! I didn't realise that they don't start life with their feathers - how long her little legs look. I would definitely want to smooch her.
    Nasty Blogarithm left this post out so I was lucky to have it catch my eye in the previous post list while looking at your fabulous fibre entry. I do love balck and white.
    I am just about to call Archer up to have a look at your little girl.

  2. Nat she is absolutely gorgeous and as Julie said... what long legs! Baillie is like that, but Harley... well let's just say that he is a shortie... lol