Monday, October 22, 2007

Sketches Oz Challenge Blog

Yep have discovered another blog with challenges, only this one is a scrapbooking site.

For those interestedSketches Oz is a site that has a guest artist featured and they design a sketch, which you can use to make your own LO. This week features a WA girl - Viv Bonder.

So here is mine. Pic of Emma taken in 2000. I must admit, I am trying to go back in time and do LO's for some of the old pictures of both of my children. So maybe a little back to front, but I'm a bit like that anyway :-)

And before I forget, I must credit Jaimie Emmerton for the flowers. I did a class with her way back when, and she showed me how to make these flowers using paper. Me well I've used ribbon here and they look no where near as nice as the one's Jaimie showed me how to make and they are a little back to front.... see above comment about me being like that anyway :-)

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  1. Hi I love this layout it is wicked, and as for those flowers, fantastic - they work really well