Wednesday, February 20, 2008

6" x 6" Fabric Book Cover

I'm participating in a Fabric Book Swap. The details are that we make up a book of our choice, as long as it's no bigger than 6" x 6", and I've gone with a standard square shape. There are 10 players all up and each of us has to make 2 pages for each player in their particular book, with whatever theme they have chosen.

My theme is Nature's Hidden Treasures and here is my front cover:-

Oh I forgot to mention that our pages must all contain some pockets. My pockets are made from organza and are behind the embellishments (ie the shell, the button) and have little nik naks in them like rocks or a tag or paper.

From what I've seen of the other players pages, this is going to be an AWESOME swap.

I'm not a sewer by any means, so this has been a huge challenge for me.

Here is the back of the front page:-


  1. This is awesome, and you are right it sounds like a great swap, can't wait to see it when it is finished xxxx

  2. Stunning, earthy, simple AND detailed. Yep, I am a fan.

  3. This looks amazing Nat! I'm sure it's going to one beautiful little chunky book!

  4. Whoo...hoo Nat! You are a natural with fabric! Love the shells, buttons and little treasures.

  5. OMG Nat this is STUNNING you have done an Awesome job!!!
    PS Pat yourself on the back for me PLEASE

  6. This looks stunning Nat! So much for not being much of a sewer!!

  7. Anonymous2:11 PM

    oops, 6x6 inch? i missed that!!! too late, book is on the way. i cannot wait to see this in flesh. looks awesome!

  8. This is fabulous! I can't wait until it travels to Canada to visit me and collect some treasures!