Monday, February 04, 2008

We're back!

And what a great and relaxing holiday we had. It feels like we've been away forever.

Just going to share some special pics of all of the fam taken at Fantasea in Phuket. This was such a good night and the kids were buzzing about being able to cuddle a tiger cub and feed and get up close and personal with elephants. If anyone is going to Phuket and taking children, this show is a must see.

Ok so this is us lot with some of the performers at Fantasea. Aren't the girls gorgeous!! Oh and yes, i have died my hair black, so that is me in the middle :-)

and with two of the baby elephants...

and overjoyed to be feeding a cub :-) sheer bliss on their faces says it all.

ok hopefully by the end of the week I'll catch up on emails and get back to doing what's really important (making art :-))


  1. Nat WELCOME BACK!!!!! Love the new hair color, it really suits you. Looks like you have had a wonderful holiday - you seem to have been gone forever. Anyway glad you are back
    hugs from me to you xxx

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  3. Welcome back! Your hair looks really good. When I read "black" I went "huh?" but the pic is great, and how nice to finally see John!!!

    Forgot to say that the kids look great too! It looks beautiful and you look happy (all of you)!


  4. Hey there happy traveller.
    Great pics and would love to see more.How happy those cherubs look and bet they treasure these moments forever.
    Love the new sexy black 'DO'.
    Hug ya Natty
    Dawnie T xxx

  5. Nat it seems like you have been gone forever!!!! Welcome back and so glad you enjoyed the time away.