Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Black Birds

Not only is it hard to come up with a blog title every time I write, but it's also very hard to come up with a title for a canvas.

So simply, I've titled my latest canvas, black birds. They're not quite Magpie's and I'm not even sure they're crows, but they're my best attempt at drawing a bird :-)

Please leave a message in my comments section if you can come up with a better name :-)

I am currently working on a frame for this, as it is on canvas board.


  1. I think they are all beautiful. Where could someone buy your artwork?

  2. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Birds on the Wire

  3. wowwwwweeeeee indeed - this is beautiful! and huge congrats on selling your work and about to be hung in a gallery!!! thrilled for you. Hugs, Carmel xxx

  4. I was going to say Birds on a Wire but Julie already did.
    I love the freshness of your art Nat, it is wonderful - more power to you girl, you rock!

  5. I like Black birds Nat it looks awesome

  6. Oh Nat I love this one... I think it is my favourite to date and I think the name is apt. They are black birds!
    Well done, loving your canvases.

  7. I was going to say 'Birds on a Wire' however someone beat me to it! So I suggest 'Bird Droppings' (not being disrespectful or dissng the piece - I think its another great piece, can I purchase one before you become too famous and expensive?)but the tips of the trees look like they've been pooped on. LOL


  8. I've been remiss in not visiting blogs of late and am AMAZED at how awesome your blog is looking with all your wonderful artwork. Not amazed that you can do it, as I know you can, amazed at what happens when you turn your back for a minute!!! lol

    HUGE congrats for selling some of your work and yay to you also for being asked to sell your work in a gallery! Tres coolio girl!!! Must say, I love the red flower one...just beautiful.

    I'm so glad now I have one of your canvases....I probably couldn't afford to buy your work in a year or two! lol

  9. heheheeee i spend wayyyy to much time pondering over titles LOL ... nice to see im not the only one :))

    congrats on the canvasses, i loveee them all

  10. Anonymous2:14 AM

    hey that's super cool! i really like it.

    i should comission you do do something for my new room!!