Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blowing my own trumpet :-)

Wow what an awesome day!!! Hope everyone had a great Easter, we've basically been having carb overload in our house.... what with Hot Cross Buns, chocolate, bread and more bread....

Just a wee bit of news from todays craft fair in town. After much encouragement from Jaimie, I finally bit the bullet and took some of my paintings to the fair to sell. Now this is really the first time I've ever put myself 'out' there, so i was a little nervous.

The craft fair didn't really get many people through, which was a little disappointing, but hopefully next year, they will advertise it a little better. However I sold 5 paintings and a lady asked me to make a similar one to this:-

I was totally blown away... and I mean totally blown away!!

Then after slowly coming down from that, the owner of the art shop in town (who also has a gallery) asked me to submit some work to her shop, to put up and sell. She said that she gets a lot of tourists through her shop and they would love some of my pieces to sell.........................



  1. Anonymous12:11 AM

    Congrats Nat! You create awesome artwork and it's fabulous to have an opportunity to sell some and have it appreciated by others. A great reason to make more!
    Michelle Smith

  2. Well done Nat! All the best for success in your artistic career. See you can paint!


  3. totally awesome, you just need to have that wee bit of confidence in your work....we know how good you are.

    You won't be wanting to associate with us next time you are down here LOL.

  4. Biggest congrats to you Nat, go forth and create and can see you doing really well in the gallery.
    I love the fresh,bright and breezy feel that your capturing in your paintings and wish you much success in this new venture.
    Go for it !

  5. Natalie I am standing up clapping with delight - I am so pleased for you, however, not surprised your work so deserves to be out there and sold it is wicked!!!

  6. Congratulations Nat! I am thrilled for you. Hugs J

  7. Whoo-hoo Nat !!! Isnt that fantastic? I am so pleased for you and cant wait to see what you create for the gallery.

  8. HOW EXCITING Nat!!!!!!!! Congrats and so well deserved! You are wonderful and it is great that the world gets a chance to have some of your canvas art! Wheeeee!