Saturday, May 03, 2014

No time to paint and I want a tattoo!

Well we have quickly settled back into the day to day after our fabulous holiday - can I hear an Uggggggggggghhh,  and with work being at it's busiest, I have not had time to paint. 

So I've channelled my creativity into another area. Using some of my backgrounds
and a great free online editing program I've been doing up some fun
motivational posters.

Here's my latest

This quote sings out to me at the moment, because I really want to get a tattoo.

My passion is my family and art and I really
would love it to incorporate both. 

But there are four reasons why I haven't  yet -

 1) I'm a big ole chicken and don't like pain

2) Can't settle on exactly the design I want

3) what if I dont like whatever I get inked
in a years time and regret it, or worse still want 
to have it removed, which I believe is more painful
than the application part!

4) Will it look ridiculous on me??

So dear reader, if you happen to stumble across
a great design or words that you feel would 
fit with what I am after (I have done loads of research on 
Pinterest) but that just makes me even more
confused, or you have some words of 
wisdom about tattoo's... I am all ears. 
Please feel free to leave a comment.

As always thanks for taking the time
to pop by my little blog

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