Monday, May 05, 2014

Ten Ways to Be More Creative in Your Daily Life

Here's 10 Ways that I have come up with, to incorporate more 
creativity into my daily life. I hope that something from this list
might also inspire you to make more time to be creative.

1) Chalk board Pot's for my herbs - loving the simplicity
 and ease of this Blackboard film. It will  now be
 added to my list of  Craft Supplies I am crushing on 

3) Doodle in my journal at least once a week.

4) Try a new recipe that I have found on Pinterest 
every week and take a photo. 
At the end of the year make my own family 
favourite's cookbook!

5) Write a short poem in bed before going to sleep. 

6) Make my own gift wrapping paper.

7) Learn how to make soap and give it to family and friends as gifts.

8) Sign up for #100 Happy Days

9) Improve my jewellery making skills.

10) Decorate stones and leave them around for people to find.

As always, thank you for taking the time
to pop by.

 Please feel free to share any pictures or links of
anything creative that you have found and love to do
in your daily life.

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