Friday, May 09, 2014

Special Memories Saturday

Happy Mother's Day!!

to all the mum's, mom's, mother's, mummie's out there for Sunday.
 I know I'm a day early, but I plan on doing very little tomorrow, 
other than eating a special breakky and painting.

In honour of my own Mum and also my Nana (who is no longer with us), 
this is a Special Memories Saturday, where I want to share some absolutely 
gorgeous photo's of them both.

My Mum - cute freckles and all

Mum at around 15 years.

Mum and Dad back in the 80's...LOL ahhh the 80's

Me, Dad, my Sister Christine, Mick and my Mum.
We have lost these two wonderful men 
from our lives. Both taken way too young.

My Nana Eileen and her husband William.
How beautiful was she. I used to love hearing
her stories of when she was young
and used to sneak out of the window to go 
dancing with boys.
I truly miss her every single day.

Love to you all 


  1. Anonymous3:31 AM

    Wow I never knew you & your sister were so alike. That photo really shows the similarities. I love your Grandfathers cheeks! They looked very happy. Cheers Nene

  2. Thank you Nene, that is so lovely of you to say. Happy Mothers Day to you and I hope you get showered with loads of love xx