Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dolly's Galore!

Wow what a fun day we had at Kelsey's Doll Demo Day yesterday. Such fun girls in the class, and what a legend Kelsey is. So knowledgeable, so patient, so TALENTED and so generous with her time and treasures. These are our finished products. The group pic on the far left and a close up of mine on the right. Kelsey also showed us all of her own dolls, plus a few she's bought along the way. I was in such awe, that my mouth was open the whole time, with drool coming out of it. What an amazing stash she has. I am so getting into these dolls and have to say that I am very keen to progress to larger dolls. And definitely leaning towards the more arty type dolls than the prettier type dolls.

But I have learnt that I am a very visual person and prefer to go to a class, than to try and nut my way through something like this on my own. Maybe this will change, as I get more confident with beading and sewing. But for now, I would like to continue to go to workshops and learn more. The sculpting of faces really intrigues me.

Hope everyone had a magnificent weekend. I've been absolutley buzzing since yesterday.

Big hugs


  1. OMG...they are so cool...makes me even sadder I had to call off coming to it - though the soccer trophy day was fun, and DS had a blast. Next time.

  2. So glad you had so much fun Nat!!

    The dolls look awesome, beautiful colors.

    I am glad that the class went so well for you. Am sure you will be able to find other classes available for you.

    Can't wait to see what your creative mind comes up with!

  3. I left a long post here last night and it has been eaten!

    I love the colours and character of your doll. What a creative group you belong to and how lucky you are to have Kelsey to teach aswell.

    Are you going to wear or display your dolly?

  4. wow what gorgeous colours. so many colourful beads.. Nat your doll looks wonderful!


  5. I LOVE mermaids... these are wonderful and it sounds like you had so much fun in the class. Ooooh.... I would love to take a class like that. How fun!