Saturday, September 02, 2006

Dolly's are Finished

My attempt at Art Dolls for Dottee's swap (see Dot's link on side of page) are finally finished! These are my very first Doll's ever, so I do hope that those that receive these back in the swap, are pleased with them. My preference is the green doll and in reflection, would have liked to have done them all in this colour.

I am going to a Doll Class at my friend Kelsey's next weekend, so am really looking forward to that. I am really enjoying doing these little beauties, although I'm not sure if I am any "good" at it. But hopefully the more I do, the better I will get. I would like to progress to the larger Art Dolls one day (a long way down the track obviously!). The kind where you skulpt their faces and make beautiful dresses for them. I am no sewer, so this would be the ultimate challenge for me creatively speaking. Funny I've never been the slightest bit interested in sewing until now. My mother tried very hard when I was a young girl to encourage me to sew (she is very very good at sewing) and also my sister, but neither of us, were the slightest bit interested. Yet my niece is very keen. So funny how it seemed to skip a generation.. LOL


  1. Nat they are wonderful - and I am looking forward to receiving one! Great colours. I still have 5 of mine to finish - but they are well on the way.


  2. Nat - well done!! These little dollies are great. And, the colors look beautiful. Thanks for taking part in this swap. Can't wait to see yours up close. And, the girls will love them!

  3. Thanks ladies for your lovely comments. Big hugs Natxx

  4. Fabo Natty.I cant wait to have one of my very own.I love that they are all different colours,which gives them all a different character.
    These are super and you should be over the moon.

    Dawn xxx

  5. Nat, how did you do the bodies? did u sew the bodies up or did they come like that?

    The colours are all gorgeous! they are all so adorable.

  6. Nat, they are gorgeous! now that I have a dolly I am feeling the need to make one too! you did a great job. Cheers, Carmel x

  7. those are amazing! such talent!