Saturday, September 02, 2006

My Teletubby

I couldn't resist adding this photo to my blog. Luc found this costume in his sister's dress up box yesterday. Emma had this costume from a few years back when she did a concert.

Note painted toenails for dramatic affect!

Love it!!


  1. How cute does Luc look??? He looks very pleased with himself Nat :)

  2. He was extremely pleased with himself. There were a few other photo's taken of him with funny faces, but I liked this one best. I love it when the kids are happy and smiling. See ya Natxx

  3. What a little cutie Nat.Bet you hugged and kissed your little man while he played dressups.

    Yesterday miss ten was sorting the families underwear and found much giggly delight in putting everyones underwear on her head to make a very large hat (arnt they precious )

    Dawn xxx