Friday, September 15, 2006

First Ever Sports Carnival

My DD (6.5yrs) had her firt ever sports carnival today and I'm not sure who had the most fun. It's a toss up between Emma, Luc (her brother who was playing dinosaurs with 2 other little boys) or me, watching her! Here she's proudly showing off her ribbons.

To me, it's all about the fun they have on the day. And Em had loads of it. The only thing she complained about, was that it was SCORCHING hot. At 27 degrees I thought it was a gorgeous day, but then again, I wasn't running around like a maniac, but instead was sitting under the shade of a tree, sipping my cold drink!!LOL Emma really enjoyed the team spirit and next year, I must make a note to myself to remember the coloured hair spray. it was sprung on me at 8.25am (we left at 8.30), that the hair spray is very important and also the coloured zinc cream (comes in different colours which I had no idea about), streamers and other things we learned are necessary for the team to win.

A wonderful day and makes you feel blessed to have healthy and happy children.

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  1. Hi Nat
    Emm looks very pleased with herself in this picture! Am so pleased you had so much fun on the day (even if it was too hot for Emm!).
    You are a great mum and your love for your children and their well being shines through your words.

    Dotee xoxo