Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Illness lingers on and on..........

Ok yesterday I mentioned spring having sprung, today I took both of my kids to the docs as one has been complaining of an earache and the other just seems to be permanently coughing and having the green stream running from his nose. So it turns out, both have ear infections and are now on anti-biotics! As a family, this is our worse year for flu/sneezes/coughs/colds. Seems only a few days go by and then one of us develops something. *sigh*

On a positive note, I just wanted to share a collage my DD made when she was 5 yrs old. Ok mummy helped her a bit, but most of it she did herself. She stamped the wording with a foam stamp and cut the butterfly's out herself and made the background. Mum did the glazing, assisted with the spelling and framing of the collage.

Very bright and breezy, just perfect for spring.

Have a great day.



  1. I think we all soaked up those wonderful rays,and long for warmth of the sun.I know there are lots of us sickies waiting for day when we realize we are germ free and healthy.( im at the tail end of a 12 week cold ) Ive never had a cold like this.
    Bring on the springtime!

    Emma I love this piece of artwork you chip of the not so old block.Lovely happy little number that is definatley a keeper.
    Thanks for sharing Natty
    Dawn xxx

  2. Hi Nat (and Dawnie)

    Very sorry to hear the munchkins have been back to the doctors again. Boy, you have had a bad run of illness this year!

    I hope this is the last of it for you all.

    This collage is beautiful Nat. I remember you showing it to me when we first met online. And, I was amazed at Emma's talent. It really is a beautiful, springlike piece of art.

    Hugs to you and wishes for good health for all of your family.


  3. Thanks gals, here's hoping for a run of wellness after this lot has been shaken!

    I'll pass the lovely comments on to Em.


  4. Still giggling here, I looked at the colage and went, "That's not Nat's usual style - perhaps she has been infected by spring, then I read this post and the previous!!!

    Congratulations to Em on a gorgeous collage!