Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blogs etc

I am enjoying this wonderful world of blogging. Enjoying reading what others write and enjoying sharing my work/pictures of my family and life. Thank you to all who have written lovely comments on my blog and to me personally.

Over the past few days I have actually done very little creative work. Have been having a bit of a 'rest' as dont want to loose my muse as I have done before when I have been trying to fit too much in and get over committed. On Friday night I will start working on my dolls, thanks to my lovely friend Kelsey, who is going to share some tips on how to dye our little doll friends.

Attached is an ATC made late last year for a Zetti Swap.

Take care



  1. Hi Nat

    I am enjoying this wonderful world of blogging too! It is a great medium for communication isn't it?

    It is a good idea to take a 'rest' from creativity every now and again. I know you have had a lot of commitments lately.

    Hope you had fun with Kelsey on Friday night and you learnt how to dye your little dolls (what fun).

    Hope you are having a good weekend!


    Dot xx

  2. Hi Dot,

    We coloured the dolls last night and now it's time to add bits and pieces to them. Ummmm where to next, i dont know, but hopefully my muse will show me the way...

    See ya

  3. Would love to see the outcome of your dyed dolls, Natalie! :o)