Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What a beauty!

Wow do I have some talented friends. I feel so blessed to know so many gifted people. This treasure came from Sulea today and of course blew me away. As always scans dont do the original piece justice.

I now am the proud owner of two of Sulea's original collage pieces. I love this image (which is hand drawn) and the little birdie (also hand drawn) holding a love heart in it's mouth. This collage appeals to me on so many levels, but mostly because when I was little, I would spend hours looking up into the night sky, watching for falling stars and or wishing on them.

Thank you to my very talented friend Sulea. Please take a look at her etsy site where she is selling some of her collage pieces -, you will love the feast of work there. Make sure you have a tissue handy, to mop up the drool....

Have a great night


  1. Nat you lucky, lucky girl.Doesnt it make you feel so special to receive Sulea's original artwork.These are truly to be treasured.
    She is so talented.
    Enjoy Nat.
    D xxx

  2. Hi Nat

    We are both blessed to receive some of Sulea's original art.

    This is a lovely piece! And, I love the image of you star gazing as a little girl.

    Dot xx