Friday, August 11, 2006


Progressing along slowly with my dolls for the doll swap. Has been a hectic week this week, with lots of work (I am a book keeper who works from home) and an ebay sale. It was my first time selling on ebay and it went well. Next time I'm not sure if I'll put so many things on sale at once. My kids were a bit neglected this week, as it all seemed to 'happen' all at once this week.

I thought I would add this ATC, made a while back for an Inspiring Quotes swap. You might not be able to read this quote, but it says "sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down".

Have a great weekend one and all.


  1. Oh Nat this is just wonderful. Love the image, and what you have done with her. Great background.

    I have started planning my art dolls - and the metal work teacher( at my school ) is drilling holes in the teaspoon handles left over from my metal angles. It is so much fun reading about the progress both you and Dotee are making with your dolls. Almost like a pregnancy.

  2. Thanks Julie,

    I can't wait to see yours. Sounds very interesting. If your dolls are anything like your metal pages, I will be drooling all over them.

    Take care

  3. This is a gorgeous ATC! And, I am lucky enough to have my own original as I took part in this swap.

    Have always loved this quote too.

    Glad to hear you have had success on Ebay - well done!

    Julie - can't wait to see what you come up with your art dolls. I know they will be wonderful. Am sooooo excited about this swap!

    Love to you both xoxox