Monday, August 07, 2006

Another pic from the past!

Wow this pic was taken on the first day of school 05. We were on the farm then and in the background you can see bare paddocks. When I went back to the farm a few weeks back, the blue gums are now at least 5-6 feet tall. That's how quikly they grow!

Still working on my first doll. Not sure if I will post a pic here or not. Bit nervous as from what I've seen of the other girls work in the swap, mine might not live up to expectations. I've discovered I'm a hopeless sewer. Well I always knew that, but it's kind of been rammed home even more, by trying to do beading work on my doll last night. But I'm determined if nothing else.

Take care



  1. I cant sew to save my life Nat, but feel Ive learnt a little something about needle and thread while doing the dolls.My first was the learning curve which Im keeping to remind me what I learnt.Nat you are one of the most creative gals I know and Im sure you will get your dolly dance happening.
    I look forward to seeing a Natty dolly, so do share.
    Dawn xxx

  2. Thks Dawnie. Getting there. Almost finished my first doll. But am loving it. Have finished the body work, now on to face/hair. Saw Eve's dolls too and they were fab. Em would be interested in doing a swap on SGATC Junior when things quieten down a bit. Maybe when you get back from Europe...see ya

  3. Hi Nat, Hi Dawnie!

    What a lovely photo of Emm Nat. She looks very happy in this photo.

    Nat - like Dawnie I am not comfortable with sewing but have found handling a needle and thread soothing. And much easier to handle! And, one of the things I love about art dolls is that they have character and personality and don't need to be perfect. Believe me the first few I did were very rough! Sounds like you are going well with our first one. Would love to see her when she is done. So please share.

  4. Hey Nat.. lol i kept jabbing my fingers with the needle.. it was Sew .. Jab... sew.. jab... sew.. jab.. lol I bet your doll looks lovely!! :O)


  5. Hi Dot & Sulea. Thanks Dot for your encouragement. Yes I guess I forgot that I'm not into "perfect" myself and that's what I love about the art I tend to gravitate towards anyway. That it doesn't look perfect. Sulea, I was def doing the sew, jab, sew last night. Only a small needle, but it sure packs a punch. Mind you the other day I hit my pointing finger (left hand) with my small hammer (while trying to put an eyelet in), so I think it's just because I'm clumsy. or it could also be I'm clumsy and I try and do everything too quickly. LOL Anyway I've been having fun with my little dolls and think I shall put in an order from SkyBlue Pink for a few more.

    Thanks again ladies

  6. hi Nat,

    What's skyblue pink? i just ordered 6 face molds and a lizard mold from ebay few days ago lol.. you're most welcome to use them if you want when they arrive.

    i think i'm a bit afraid of fabrics... choosing coloured card at the scrapbook store is bad enough... but fabrics is kinda intimidating for me.

    Sulea :)