Monday, July 31, 2006

Great Mail Day

I received the most gorgeous Doll from my friend Dot Christian. The link to her blog page, can be found on my front page. Check it out, as it's well worth the read.

I love these 3d gorgeous treasures and now that I am free from art committments for a little while, I am going to start work on the dolls for the art doll swap hosted by Dot.

What a treat this is and I love the happy face!

Thanks Dot you're a gem.


  1. You are such a sweetie Nat. So glad you like your little feltie!
    I also made one for Jacky , and she named her Felicity :)
    I know you are gonna love making art dolls.
    And add your own special talent.

    Dot xx

  2. Aww this is so cute. makes me want to make a doll too but i'm not that patient or good at sewing.. :o)

    Sulea :o)